Paul George to the Lakers?


Keegan Welka

After the Thunder lost their playoff series against the Jazz this postseason, it is almost certain that the Big 3 experiment in OKC can be chalked up as a failure. The Thunder’s overall regular season record improved by only 1 win, Carmelo Anthony had his worst season across almost every statistical category, and the chemistry of the team came into question many times this year. Because of these numerous failures, many NBA fans are doubting that Paul George will re-sign with the Thunder
“I just don’t see it happening,” Prep student and basketball fan Andrew Olds said. “The team didn’t really mesh, and the play styles of all three stars conflicted. Paul George recognizes this and most likely feels that he needs to get out of OKC as soon as he can.”
The most likely destination for Paul George this summer is in Los Angeles. George, a native of California, has referenced wanting to play for the Lakers even back when he played in Indiana. And because Los Angeles has the most cap space in the entire NBA and the team is expected to make a large push for big name free agents this offseason, it’s very likely PG-13 will end up in LA.
“I’m super excited for this offseason,” student and Lakers fan Craig Palotas said. “I have a really good feeling that Paul George is going to end up in a Lakers uniform next season.”
With Oklahoma City’s second best player being a free agent now, fans feel that his relocation to the City of Angels is likely. Reported last week, George had removed his daughter from her school early, before her last day. If this report holds true, it’s a good sign Paul George is as good as gone next season.
“I think he’d be a lot more productive on the Lakers,” junior student and NBA fan Colin Kelly continued, “There were too many ball dominant players on the Thunder. If he goes to the Lakers, he can play this way without worrying about his play style conflicting with others’.”