Meeting Ms. Kabasinski, the new science teacher


Jorge Barrios

Ms. Kabasinski is the new science teacher this year at Cathedral Prep. Her classes include physics, chemistry, and integrated science. Originally here from Erie, she graduated from McDowell High School. Ms. Kabasinki had the urge of becoming a teacher for a while.
She also has family involved at Prep, including her younger brother, Patrick, who was a graduated as a member of the Class of 2015. He is currently a senior at the University of Akron.
In her free time, Ms. Kabasinki loves trying to go outside as much as possible. She enjoys going out to the lake and admiring it, as well as going boating with her friends. She also loves spending time with her two dogs, bringing them out to swim, taking them on a walk, running with them or even having fun by playing with them. Both dogs have a ton of energy, so it’s pretty hard for them to get tired.
After going to Penn State for four years, Ms. Kabasinki received her bachelor’s of science degree in kinesiology. From there, she attended Mercyhurst for one year, earning her master’s in secondary education (science).
Now she has a arrived to Cathedral Prep to teach. She definitely loves her new job, mainly due to the fact that she is now in an environment of hardworking, respectful individuals.