Get to know Miss Howe, the new math teacher


Jorge Barrios

Replacing a legend like the the retiring Mr. Alexa in the math department is a tall task, but Miss Kia-Anne Howe is excited to teach all the men of Prep in her math classes. She loves the energy everyone has at Prep and how motivated students are about their studies.
In speaking with several students in the school that have Miss Howe for class, they all have said they like having her as a teacher because when it comes down to work, she is serious, but when she’s outside of work, Miss Howe is a fun person.
Miss Howe is not originally from Erie, Pa, and she only moved to Erie a couple of years ago. She attended Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa. She worked her way through the private liberal arts college and ended up with her bachelor’s degree. She was hired full-time at Cathedral Prep this summer, although this is not her first year teaching.
She definitely thinks that it feels different coming to an all boys school from a co-ed school. Some of the differences she has noticed include the assemblies she has attended and how Prep students express themselves, which is different than at a co-ed school.
In her free time, Miss Howe is more than just a school teacher. She loves going out and playing ultimate frisbee. She also has an older brother who she keeps in contact with. She is looking forward to teaching whoever may be in her class and is willing to help them develop into men of Prep in spirit, mind, and body.