60 dead in train accident in India


Stan Kinecki

At Least 60 are dead after a train plowed through a crowd in India. 
People in India were celebrating a Hindu Festival in the city of Amritsar when the crowd was suddenly plowed into by a high speed train. People crowded the train tracks to watch the show, but due to the firework show going on, people could not hear the approaching train.
People interviewed after the accident claimed they didn’t hear the train and said the train did not blow its whistle and after the accident it continued speeding on through the site. The local congressmen, Navjot Kaur Siddh, said that this celebration has occurred in the same space every year, and they alert railroad authorities so that trains run slower.
Manoj Sinha, the junior minister in charge of running the world’s fourth largest rail system, said the train should not be held responsible for this accident because people should not be gathering on train tracks.
The current death toll is at about 60 people and at least 50 are injured. No matter how it is looked at, a case can be made for holding both the conductor of the train and the crowd responsible for the accident. For safety reasons people should never stand on railroads because they are regularly in use by trains because that’s how they get around. Yes, the conductor probably should be going slower than he was, and he should have blown the train whistle to alert the people that the train was coming. In either case, it’s a tragic accident that has occurred, and hopefully it will not happen again.