Zoo Boo 2018 offers family Halloween fun


DeMere Strickland

With the Halloween season about to end, many parents and kids are looking for places to go for a good, spooky time. There are a plethora of haunted houses, school-exclusive events, and movies that have been released that are available during this time for everyone to enjoy.
For the past couple of years, the Erie Zoo has held an event for younger children who can’t handle the more intense frights but still want to dress up and show off their costume. They have dubbed this event “Zoo Boo,” and it is an event that lasts about three weeks, starting in the middle of October. Here children of all ages have a chance to come to the zoo and engage in fun crafts, events, and games all of which are Halloween themed.
Since the zoo is mostly a nonprofit organization, they rely quite heavily on volunteers for the success of the event. Most of these volunteers are in high school, as many schools require service hours to be completed every quarter.
The volunteers run most of the zoo, from the concession to the games, and the actual employees monitor and inspect everyone to ensure that they’re doing their job. Due to their hard work, the entire Zoo Boo process can run smoothly. There are different stations around the zoo where the kids can be given candy by exchanging a ticket. There are many different places where they can go to, with games and activities sprinkled along the way. Overall, it always turns out very well, and it’s a very fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.