Snowy season arrives in Erie


DeMere Strickland

Although winter is technically about a month away, snow has already fallen in Erie. And while Erie is known to have some early winters, much of the Midwest and Central U.S. was hit with an approaching snowstorm.
Temperatures dipped into the low 30s earlier this month, and it won’t let up for a long time. In places like Canada, there have already been showings of snowfall, with many people audibly sighing at the realization that they already have to deal with the wintertime traffic jams.
Along with this, many reports state that storms and extremely bad weather will be accompanying the incoming snowstorms. Erie has already received a few inches of snow, but more is expected to come later on into Thanksgiving. Hopefully there will be no blizzards that will block Thanksgiving and Christmas travels, with flights being delayed, and possible wrecks.
Additionally, the now recently named Winter Storm Avery, will bring nonstop beatings of rain, sleet, and snow. This storm will affect the Northwest U.S. and eventually follow downward, which possibly means Erie, and surrounding cities and towns will be impacted by this, too.
This storm could cause schools to be shut down, and possible losses of power in some areas. So while students may be hoping for this storm to get days off, it may not be as wonderful as it sounds. Overall, this winter is shaping up to be a rough one. There are two other unidentifiable storms approaching as well (which meteorologists have not named and only know a few characteristics of) before March. So, get ready, because it’s going to be a long winter.