Student Profile: Isaac Frezza


Keegan Welka

At Cathedral Prep, there are many clubs and activities students can participate in. Ranging from sports to theater, the school provides plenty of extracurricular activities for the student body. In the past couple of years, however, the Prep “game club” has steadily grown more popular. One of the main people to thank for the continuation of this club would be Prep senior Isaac Frezza.

“I just started this year,” Isaac stated.

While he may have just started participating in game club this year, Isaac is a dedicated member of the club. He frequently brings in new games, whether they are physical or digital, for other members to try out.

“We usually play games like [Dungeons and Dragons] and Smash Bros,” he continued, “We meet a every month, usually from 3-4 [p.m.]”

In the past, game club has had tournaments in which the winner would receive a prize. NBA 2kCall of Duty, and Smash Bros have all been games that have been competed in a tournament setting for game club. However, it seems like it may be a bit before we see another one of these tournaments.

“There are no tournaments planned yet, as we do not have any prizes [yet].” Isaac explained.

Isaac really enjoys participating in game club. The new gaming experiences he can provide to other students, along with a fun way to further fraternize with other Prep students, makes this club important to him.

“[After I graduate,] I plan on participating in a college version of game club,” Isaac concluded, “Honestly, I currently don’t have any current, extracurricular interests that do not relate to game club.”