Better Know an Elective: Acting and Stagecraft


Jorge Barrios

Acting and Stagecraft is a new elective, introduced in the 2018/2019 school year. It is taught by the our Theater Director of Prep and Villa, Father Mike DeMartinis. Last year when it was time for scheduling that class wasn’t on our scheduling. Students were placed in this class throughout summer randomly, with every grade possibly could be in it. Something that Father Mike encourages a lot is for you to join one of the plays, you don’t need to go after a leading role, you can go into a any role even if it is just to help in the back. “This class is a lot of fun, with many fun things to go through,” Father Mike had said.

The class overall is very fun. You learn how to look at plays that have already been presented in Broadway or at a playhouse, and you are the person to critique it. Some of the plays he shows you are plays that Prep will be doing, if you critique the play as you watch it, it helps Father Mike be able to noticeably understand things and he can have ideas on what he can do while he does directs the plays, so that he can make the play as best as he can, not only do we help him like that with the plays we actually help build or take down sets on the stage. You help him to move some of the things, build, breakdown, and paint the sets for the plays. You also even do mini plays during class with partners which you present in front of the class, while having fun doing it. Overall the elective is a semester long and you have a lot of fun throughout the whole course.