21 Savage deported to the UK


Ryan Rzepecki

One of the music industry’s most popular rappers recently had a huge twist of events in his life. 21 Savage was supposedly born in Atlanta, Georgia, but last Sunday news came out that he was living in the United States on a overstayed visa. Apparently 21 Savage was actually born in the United Kingdom, and his family came to the United States in 2005.

This turn of events came as a shock to everyone because 21 Savage has rapped about being born in East Atlanta. The ruthless internet also  immediately filled with hilarious memes as soon as this news came out.

Some diehard rap fans here at Cathedral Prep decided to share their thoughts on the unexpected news. Senior Tyler lacobucci  believes that “it’s unjust that he’s getting deported, but it is a part of the process he has to go through.” He also mentioned how he trusts that 21 Savage will fight through this and will eventually return to the USA and will continue to make inspirational music. Tyler has been listening to his music ever since he became famous back in 2016 and agreed that this came as huge surprise.

Another senior here, Amani Robinson, is huge fan of trap music and cared to voice his opinion on what 21 Savage has meant to him. “21 Savage has genuinely taught me how to be a good person while being a savage at the same time,” he said.

Some people might view his music as vulgar and bad, but his real fans know what he’s been through and that his music reflects what he had to do in his life. That being said 21 Savage has a lot of money and can still make a lot more. Having that much money will definitely help him navigate the legal process to become an actual citizen.