Teacher Profile: Mr. Baier


DeMere Strickland

While there are many teachers that are new to the Cathedral Prep staff this year, it is also just as important to take a look at the teachers that have been here for a while but mean just as much as everyone else. One of these teachers is Jean-Marc Baier, or “Mr. Baier” as he is known to students at the school. Mr. Baier is the French teacher for all grade levels at both Prep and Villa, making his day very busy. However, he holds no preference over who he likes to teach more, as he sees both as the same in terms of student behavior. (He does think Prep is louder though.)  

Mr. Baier has an extensive teaching history and a great understanding of the world due to all of his travels. He has been teaching for over 30 years in various fields, such as teaching Academic Dance and the Art of  Dance as a professor at Mercyhurst University for many years. Later on, he then began to teach French at both Prep and Villa, leading to where he is now. He also has seen a lot of different areas throughout his life as well. While he originally lived in Paris, he has traveled to Israel, Texas, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Due to seeing so many different cultures and people, he truly believes that “the only real borders are on the mind.”

While not having that many hobbies, there are still many things Mr. Baier enjoys. When not teaching, Mr. Baier enjoys instrumental music, specifically from the 14th century on, good books, movies, and wines. As it can be easily seen, Mr. Baier is a not only a great teacher and a great addition to the Cathedral Prep and Villa teaching staff, but also a great person, who accepts anyone regardless of their background.