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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Prep holds final Quarter Sessions of the year


For the final time this year, Prep students were commemorated for their academic achievements in ceremony. Achievers of first and second honors, recipients of the “Man of Prep” award, and guest speaker Robert Doyle highlighted the third quarter’s Quarter Sessions.

“It’s crazy to think that time has gone this fast,” senior Andy Samuels said. “I remember freshmen year Father Jabo warned us about how fast our Prep career would go during our first Quarter Sessions. Now that we’re at our last one … it’s crazy.”

This Quarter Sessions started off just like every other one with a prayer. Senior Alex Chelton was responsible for this part, and after he concluded the main portion of the ceremony progressed.

First and second honor cards are distributed to students who get straight A’s or A’s and B’s, respectively. During Quarter Sessions, the freshmen were announced first. A total of 12 of the members of their class received 1st Honor Cards, along with 38 of them receiving 2nd Honor Cards, resulting in 41% of their class obtaining the awards.

The sophomores, who had 50% of their class receive Honor Cards, were the best performing class in the school this quarter. They had 8 members earn 1st Honors, along with 53 of them getting 2nd Honors.

Adversely, the juniors had the lowest percentage of Honor Card recipients, coming in at 39%. For 1st Honors, 9 students received the award, along with 41 students receiving 2nd Honors.

Lastly there is the senior class. Surprisingly, they were right on the sophomore’s tails in terms of class percentage, coming in at 49%. They had 8 of their students earn a 1st Honors certificate, followed by 55 other students getting 2nd Honors.

After all the awards were distributed, guest speaker Mr. Rob Doyle came onto the stage and delivered a speech. In his monologue, he spoke on the effects his Prep education had on him going into the real world. He also put emphasis on the virtues of hard work and goal setting, which put him in the successful spot he is in today.

To conclude, the last Quarter Sessions of the year came as fast as it went. As a senior myself, I can personally say that it’s surreal to have gotten to this point. When I was sitting back in my chair freshman year, nodding off during my first experienced Quarter Sessions, I never thought I would’ve gotten to this point. But now that it’s come and gone… it’s honestly surreal.

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