Unofficial sports keep students alert throughout the school day


Stan Kinecki

The typical Prep student goes through many different games/ tricks throughout the school day that help them get their mind off school work for a moment or just to entertain themselves throughout the long school day. Without games being on the iPads anymore, students have to get creative.

There are many common worldwide games or things people do that are also seen at Prep, such as paper football, cards, or whenever something is shot into a garbage can, saying, “Kobe!” in reference to NBA legend Kobe Bryant who formerly played with the Los Angeles Lakers and hit many clutch shots in his career.

Then there are games that are unique to Prep that have either been made at Prep or ideas that were turned into big things. Take Mr. Vicary’s art class, for example. Mr. Vicary participates in many kettle bell classes outside of school, so he has some kettle bells in his classroom. Occasionally there are some competitions between students or between students and Mr. Vicary who shows some of his workouts he has done with the kettle bell.

Then there is the Rambler run to lunch. A decades long tradition that has never received an administrative seal of approval, every day when the bell rings for lunch, it is a sprint to lunch. Lines get long, and if you late to lunch, you will get the last of the food, if there is any. Plus, you end up with less time to eat and your choice of option. It is always a big rush to lunch, but freshmen are unlucky because they seem to always end up in the back whether they are there early or not.