2019 homecoming court announced


James Janicki

Dressing up in a fancy suit, going to a fancy dinner, and taking pictures with all of your friends are among the many things that come with the upcoming homecoming dance. Another huge part is the homecoming court. The senior class voted on who they think should be on the homecoming court. The people they voted for are Ray Ferrito, Jared Nash, Tom Carroll, Nash Jones, Mario Bruni, and Fidele Ndagiza. This homecoming court is very diverse in the sense of what the kids do, as it includes a football player, a member of student government, a volleyball player, a soccer player, a member of campus ministry, and a YouTuber. 

To be a part of the homecoming court it is a great honor. The students will be honored at tonight’s homecoming game against St. Edwards. This will include them being driven around on top of a convertible sports car with their Villa counterparts. They will also be honored at the dance for a ceremony of crowning who has won homecoming king. Then the winner will share a dance with the Villa student has won homecoming queen.

The dance, which starts at 8 and ends at 11, will be held at HFEC. The announcement of who wins homecoming king will be around 10:30 p.m.

Some of the candidates do not care if they win. “I am just going to the dance,” said Jared Nash. “If I do not win, it will be OK as long as I had a good time.”

Senior Ray Ferrito is a member of the 2019 homecoming court

On the other hand some candidates want to win. “I would really like to win homecoming king, and I will be somewhat upset if I don’t,” said Ray Ferrito.