Teacher Profile: Mr. Parsons


Ryan Jubulis

Mr. Tony Parsons is one of many teachers here at Cathedral Prep who holds a special place in the school community’s heart. Mr Parsons wanted to go down several career paths, but he chose education like his uncle who loved teaching every day. When choosing what path to go down, he decided that like his uncle, he wanted to wake up every day, wanting to go to work and not dreading any given day.

The students at Prep are a huge part of what Mr. Parsons enjoys about teaching, and most especially his daily life here at Prep. “I love the community they’ve created,” he said. “They want to continuously do better in the classroom, on the field, and on the stage. The kids are just good people.” Mr Parsons said.

Mr. Parsons teaches history along with his beloved financial planning class. He describes history as, “…the ties of ethics, time, morals, and so much more.” His finance class is enjoyed by many.

Junior Collin Ishimuru was asked why he likes Mr Parsons and his class. “He’s always interacting with the students and allows us to be ourselves in class,” he said.

Mr. Parsons enjoys the discussions the class has. The lessons about the stock market, retirement, sociology, and philosophy are what make his financial planning elective a fantastic class. One tip from Mr Parsons is that “the smarter you are with your finances, the more freedom you have in life.”

Mr Parsons was asked how he wants to be remembered as a teacher and a person. “I want people to remember me as kind and caring for students and all the people I’ve came across.”

Mr. Tony Parsons is a special teacher here at Cathedral Prep.