Flappy Bird flies up the charts


The Rambler

flappybirdJust as QuizUp began to fade from students’ memories and they began the search for a new game to pass the time in study hall, Flappy Bird has flown right in to cure students of their boredom.

Flappy Bird is an 8-bit style game in which the player attempts to help Flappy Bird fly through a maze of green pipes. It seems simple enough, except for one problem. Flappy Bird is not good at flying. The player must continually tap the screen in order to remain airborne while controlling the taps to direct Flappy Bird through the pipes.
Each tap of the screen gives Flappy Bird a boost of altitude that can help propel him in between the green pipes. If Flappy Bird makes contact with a green pipe during his flight, the game is over.
Every pipe that Flappy Bird flies between counts as a point. While the game sounds pretty easy, it is not uncommon to see students with high scores of only two or three points. The best high score I have heard so far from a Prep student is an incredible 68 points.
Another element that makes the score of the game important is earning medals. While there is nothing the medals do, except for maybe giving the person bragging rights, they do offer a goal for getting higher scores. A bronze medal is awarded for getting 10 points, silver for 20, gold for 30, and platinum for 40 and beyond.
flappybird2While there is no trick to get a better score, that requires skill and a little bit of luck, I would suggest to make sure to be patient while playing. Getting frustrated over a bad score is only going to make it more likely to get a bad score on the next round.
While it is not the most fun or the easiest game out there, Flappy Bird has a replay-ability factor through the roof. The only goal of the game is to get a better score. And with a “just one more time” mentality that makes the player keep on playing, there is no wonder why Flappy Bird has gotten popular so quickly.