Senior Quotes are back for Class of 2020


Nick Cacchione

After two years of not being able to use senior quotes in the yearbook, Father Jabo, Mr. Pituch, and Mr. Haller have decided to bring senior quotes back. This comes as a great relief to many seniors in the Class of 2020. Students last year and this year have complained to faculty about not being able to use senior quotes.

However, because of students not following the correct criteria in the past, the senior quotes were taken away. The reasons for taking away senior quotes were because previous alumni disrespecting their ability to use senior quotes, or using inappropriate quotes. This year there will be new regulations. 

The new regulations state that all quotes must be school-appropriate. If your quote is excluded, a Bible quote will be put by your name. The quote cannot be longer than 150 characters. Also students cannot make references or give shout-outs to or about other students and teachers.

When asked about having the opportunity to use senior quotes again, senior Evan Sala said, “I was disappointed to see last year’s class not being able to use their quote; however, I am excited to be able to express myself and my years at Prep. I also look forward to seeing how other students express themselves as well.”

Seniors at Prep are required to submit their quote to Mr. Haller by Feb. 3, 2020, as a printed out hard copy. Seniors are given only one opportunity to submit an acceptable quote, so make sure the quote is appropriate and something you want to be remembered!