What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial and why?


The Rambler

Welcome back for week three of The Rambler’s Question of the Week feature. This week The Rambler staff answered the question “What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial and why?” Read about and watch their favorite commercials and explanations for their choices below. Then share your favorite Super Bowl ad in the comments section and tell us why you liked it.

Nick Cacchione

Kia: “Tough Never Quits”
My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Kia commercial with Josh Jacobs, also known as the running back for the Oakland Raiders. The commercial showed Jacobs as a young child growing up homeless, with his present self wondering, “What would I tell my younger self if I ever saw him?” The commercial really stuck out to me because it showed how his perseverance and hard work take him from growing up homeless to playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide and ultimately being drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round.

Tyler Darden

If I am being honest, during my Super Bowl watching experiences this year, I did not catch many of the commercials, and do not remember any of the ones I saw. During this time, I was with my friends, and we were talking and playing games during the commercials and portions of the game. Sometimes, when in the midst of friends and family, you lose track of time because of the company. Nothing else matters but spending time with the people you love, and this happened to be one of those instances. Appreciate those around you, and always take advantage of the time you have with your friends and family. 

Ryan Jubulis

Jeep: “Groundhog Day”
I thought the Groundhog Day commercial was excellent. It featured the classic story of Phil Connor waking up every day, but the change was having a Jeep where he took the groundhog and went on crazy adventures every day. It might be Bill Murray’s last great performance, which is a bit sad. This commercial was my first place choice before the Hyundai “Smaht Pahk” commercial.

Ryan Kirby

Tide: #LaundryLater
I never watched the Super Bowl commercials, but I pick the one with Charlie Day only because he’s Charlie Day.

Jack Oedekoven

Hulu: Tom Brady’s Big Announcement
My favorite Super Bowl commerical was the Hulu/Tom Brady one. I believe that the commercial was executed to perfection. Brady teased about it on his Twitter page, and we were all wondering if he was about to announce his retirement. Turns out it was completely the opposite. Hulu took the opportunity of having the audience drawn in because of Brady’s figure, and then taking the opportunity to tell the world that they just don’t have live sports but regular channels as well. Brady also took the opportunity to say that he’s not retiring quite yet.

Jon Sapienza

Bud Light Seltzer: #PostyStore
My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Bud Light Seltzer commercial. I thought having Post Malone in it made it automatically better. Not to mention, Post Malone is hilarious and was the whole reason that the commercial was good. I didn’t really see any close seconds to this commercial because I only really enjoy the funny ones. 

DeMere Strickland

“Doritos Samurai”
Out of the many Super Bowl commercials I’ve seen, the one that I always remember the most is “Dorito Samurai” from 2010. For someone who doesn’t even like Doritos, I think this might’ve been the most hilarious Super Bowl ad to me. The premise is interesting, it’s very creative, and most importantly, it actually made me want some Doritos in the moment. I don’t think an ad has ever had that effect on me, but that just shows how great it was. Overall, it is one of the best Super Bowl ads ever.