Teacher Profile: Mr. Markley


Ryan Jubulis

In 2000, Mr. Markley was looking at a biology teacher opening at Cathedral Prep. The job offer included wrestling help, which was perfect for Mr. Markley since he was a wrestler in grade school and at Prep.

He attended Cathedral Prep for the love of the brotherhood. After high school he attended Mercyhurst undecided for only one year. He then transferred to Edinboro University to major in Medical Technologies. Mr. Markley spent his entire senior year at an internship at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh.

He’s been a teacher for 20 years now, and he’s got nothing but positive feedback from students.

Junior Joe Bucci says, “He’s empathetic and always wants to get to know the students.”

Mr. Markley has always been known for being a just terrific guy.

“I think he is a fantastic person and explains the concepts in his class very thoroughly,” says junior Justin Gavio. The thing that Justin loves most about his former teacher was the flexibility of his schedule and the way he holds students to high standards.

Mr. Markley mentioned that he thought he never thought he’d be back at Prep. He calls the students today “little lawyers” because of the way they try to get around rules.

He loves to fish with his father and cook, along with going to New Orleans during Easter break to enjoy the food, music, and different festivities that go on with his wife and her aunt.