Alumni Profile: Francis V. Kloecker III (’14)


Nick Cacchione

Francis V. Kloecker III was a graduate of Cathedral Prep in 2014. Francis was always destined to attend Prep, seeing as how he was a fourth-generation Rambler, with his great-grandfather graduating in 1926. 

While Kloecker attended Prep, he loved the faculty, along with all of the guys he attended school with. His favorite teachers included Mr. Ferraro (theology), Mr. Achille (math), and Mr. Daeschner (English). These teachers taught him how a true man of Prep should act on a daily basis. There wasn’t a single day he can remember when he didn’t laugh or have fun. 

Kloecker played football his freshman and sophomore years. After that, he then switched gears and began diving and pole vaulting instead. Kloecker went on to win districts his senior year for diving, qualifying for the state meet.

Kloecker remains very active in the Prep community today. Since graduating, he has coached diving and pole vaulting for Prep and Villa, and he has also served as a receivers coach for Prep freshman football.

After graduating from Prep, Kloecker attended Gannon University for two years in order to obtain 60 credits, which was the requirement to be accepted into mortuary school. Once he achieved those credits, Kloecker attended the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science for about a year. After that, he did a year internship with The Kloecker Funeral Home, and he then passed all of his state boards to become a licensed funeral director.

Kloecker is a fourth-generation funeral director at The Kloecker Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. He is also the supervisor of The Kloecker-Razanauskas Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., which is a funeral home they recently purchased in November 2019.

Kloecker loves the outdoors. He hunts, fishes, and hikes a lot. He also sings and plays the guitar as a one man show at local restaurants and bars. Kloecker also makes his own music; however, his music making is on hold now that Francis will be portraying Judas Iscariot in the upcoming Cathedral Prep performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Kloecker is extremely excited to be back at Prep for Jesus Christ Superstar. Kloecker was always nervous to do plays during his time in high school, but now that Francis has performed the past 5 years, he said, “I have no doubt I am ready.” He is most excited to be preforming side-by-side with his brothers, along with his cousins and friends at Cathedral Prep.

Kloecker is prepared for almost everything. In the situation of being stranded on a desert island, only allowed to bring three things, he would bring bring a machete to chop things down to build a shelter, a fire starter for warmth, and a bucket to collect water.

If you know the Kloecker family, then you know how big of a family he has. Kloecker and his family have around 50-plus cousins. Many of these cousins have also attended Prep or Villa.

When I asked Kloecker for his opinions on being part of such a big family, he said, “Being part of such a big family has been a life saver for me. They have always been there to keep me in line and on the path to salvation. Any time it seemed I had no one to turn to, they were always there for me. They are more than just my cousins but my best friends as well.” 

Kloecker is a role model to not only me, but also to many others as well. He is the best coach I have ever had. I look up to him and strive to be like him everyday.