Villa students visit Prep in anticipation of the schools’ merger


Will Peterson

This past Wednesday and Thursday the freshman and sophomore classes at Villa toured the Cathedral Prep campus to see where they would be attending in the near future. The visit took place first thing in the morning and lasted until around lunch when the girls were transported back to the Villa campus on a bus. During the tour the students were shown around the building, being introduced to its layout, and meeting some people they will be seeing when they attend school on the Prep campus. 

Mr. Dougherty, Vice President of Enrollment Management was among the team of people at Prep who helped welcome the Villa students at Prep. He spoke about the girls’ experiences while visiting.

He mentioned that fully remote students did not have to attend but many students chose to come anyway out of the excitement of seeing the campus. When asked about the girls’ opinions on the campus, he responded that the girls were incredibly excited about getting to attend Cathedral Prep and that they had an excellent time on the tour.

Mr. Dougherty also mentioned some students being nervous about the size of the building and their ability to navigate it, but they were assured they would understand the layout after just a few days of attending.

Overall the visit was a resounding success, and many students and teachers are excited to welcome their Villa sisters to Cathedral Prep.