4th quarter attendance rules bring students back to school


Will Peterson

As the country faces the end to the coronavirus, the question of re-opening schools has been on the minds of parents and students everywhere.

Mr. Pituch sent out an email on March 22, 2021 stating that beginning in the fourth quarter it would be mandatory to attend class unless a student had a doctor’s excuse or express administrative approval to miss class. Another difference in attendance is that the Microsoft Teams invitation will only be extended to the students who received the permission to be online.

This attendance change has increased the amount of students attending in person almost tenfold. This change has, of course, resulted in a change in the school culture, which is now very similar to how it had been before the coronavirus pandemic. The hallways are now just as loud as they were prior to the pandemic, the classes are just as lively, and the lunch lines are just as long.

Students are happy about this change, as are teachers, as this change makes it easier to both teach and learn. As the number of coronavirus cases comes down and the amount of vaccinated people goes up it seems like pretty soon this virus will be a distant memory and this is certainly a step towards that.