Longtime football coach Mr. Pat Czytuck inducted into Cathedral Prep Athletic Hall of Fame


Colin Bish

On Thursday, Oct.14, Cathedral Prep inducted its 13th ever Athletic Hall of Fame class. One of these inductees included current math teacher and longtime offensive line coach Mr. Pat Czytuck (‘70).

For over 40 years, Coach Czytuck has produced multiple college players and helped form some of Prep’s most potent offenses in school history. His success has helped the Ramblers win five Pennsylvania state championships.

Coach Czytuck is honored by his induction, but he also believes that more coaches, just like him, should be recognized in the Hall of Fame.

“Well, it’s really odd because I don’t think there are too many coaches [recognized],” he said, “but I am really honored and humbled by the selection. I feel really good about it and it hits really, really deep in my heart.”

Coach has been around for over 40 years of Prep football and has made many fond memories alongside legendary athletes like Bob Sanders as well as coaches like Mike Mischler and Mina George.

“[There’s] a lot of great memories,” Coach Czytuck said. “I think for the most part, my favorite was probably all the great athletes and good kids I’ve coached over the years.”

On the topic of being around Prep football for so long, Coach Czytuck has had many mentors over his 40 years of experience that he credits for his journey to the Hall of Fame.

“I had a lot of great mentors along the way,” he said. “People that you guys probably wouldn’t know, [but it’s] because these people have taught me a lot of different things right; I’ve learned a lot of different things from a lot of different people.”

Coach also hopes that he has not only influenced players to be great on the field but also hopes that they succeed as men of Prep as well.

“I hope that I’ve taught them to work hard,” he said, “I hope that I taught them that they’re all important. And I hope that I’ve coached everyone to the best of my ability.”

Coach’s influence stretches across all different classes at Prep.

“Coach Czy is an amazing coach both in football and in life,” senior and football captain Caden Pustelak said. “He teaches us how to be good lineman but also how to be better men.”

Sophomore lineman Lamonte Fuller said that Coach has made him “all-around better as a player.”

Coach Czytuck has coached all sorts of players from freshmen to seniors alike. Caden and Lamonte have both felt Coach’s influence and have been taught different lessons that have changed them as players and people.

“He’s taught me to stop acting like a freshman and to stop making stupid mistakes,” Lamonte said, “and that helps me become a better player all around.”

Caden added, “[He taught me] practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

Not only has Coach Czytuck impacted players he’s coached, but he’s also impacted a lot his students as a longtime math teacher at Prep. He said, “I would hope that the players and students would look at [my legacy] and, hopefully, be dedicated toward a goal and work hard to get to that goal.”

The other inductees to the 2021 Hall of Fame class were Eric Carlson (‘00), Tom Dance (‘04), Jim Gemler (‘98), Dorian Hager (‘93), Dan Sculley (‘78), Andy Sisinni (‘80), the 1982 football team, and the 2008 golf team.