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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Inarguably good Cathedral Prep debate program

Mr. Fleming holding the plaque for first place for policy and debate in the diocese of Erie

A student-favorite course at Cathedral Prep is the debate class. Taught by Mr. Fleming, debate is meant for students to improve on their public speaking skills. Whether it’s for debate, another class, or even real life, public speaking is a crucial skill to success.

Along with Mr. Fleming, the class is also taught by senior Michael Vereb. Michael helps around the class to introduce underclassmen to debating and getting them out of their comfort zones.

“Everyone seems engaged and shows interest in this class compared to other classes,” Michael said, when asked what sticks out to him in the class. “They have their own personal opinions, and it’s refreshing when they’re able to start giving themselves a voice. It shows character. Those are the type of people we want on the debate team.”

Being in the Debate class doesn’t necessarily mean a student is a part of Cathedral Prep’s debate team.

“Most students aren’t a part of the team, but it’s the ones that show courage and stick out in class that join it,” Michael said.

The debate team has been an underrated club at Prep for years. Last year, the team was so well organized that they were able to bring three teams of 10 students to the national debate tournament. Along with that, Cathedral Prep also holds various national championship titles. But knowing the ambitions of Cathedral Prep, they don’t stop there.

“Our goal is to win another national championship, this year in D.C.,” said Mr. Fleming. 

Besides Cathedral Prep’s winning mentality, Mr. Fleming deserves the credit for how successful debate is in the school. Students thinking about taking the course are constantly persuaded into it, but generally end up happy they did Senior, Michael Mucha was one of these people.

“I was shy when I came to Prep,” Michael said. “I didn’t talk much until sophomore year, even though I had a lot of friends. Taking the debate class is really what changed that. I became talkative. I was able to say what I wanted without being nervous, so I’d say overall I’m very happy I took that class.”

Michael now participates in Prep’s notorious “rally crew,” and not surprisingly, he participates by speaking to the audience at the rallies.

Debate isn’t just there to learn how to argue, it’s there to give people a chance to acquire a voice. Thanks to Mr. Fleming, students at Cathedral Prep are able to express themselves through the debate class and team.

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