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Edinboro University & Northwestern Pennsylvania High School Journalism Competition: Third Place (Website)

Do you like the snow?


Winter began very mildly, especially by Erie standards. Most residents made it to January before needing to shovel or plow, but a recent storm has coated our area in snow. With the first big snowstorm of the winter season upon us, The Rambler staff expressed their feelings about snow.

Colin Bish

I think the snow is a calm season that’s kind of beautiful in a nature sense. That is, until you get your driver’s license. When the snow starts to pile up and the roads freeze over, it’s an absolute pain to drive. Especially here in Erie, where we get about one or two good snowfalls per season. However, I do enjoy snow for the most part.

Olivia Buckel

For the most part, I do enjoy the snow. I love how pretty it makes the trees look, and I have recently gotten into skiing at Peek and Peak, so I have been enjoying the snow this year more than ever. Since I started driving, however, the snow has become a lot more inconvenient for me. I now have to worry about my car sliding on the potential ice and brushing off the snow from my windshields. Overall, I enjoy the activities that snow can bring, but driving has become much more difficult.  

Cole Corapi

I have a very love/hate relationship with snow. When it’s December I love snow because it really gets you in that winter and Christmas feeling and mood. I love sledding with friends and doing snow football because it’s things you can only do when it snows. But once it starts getting past December and the snow gets worse, that’s when I hate it. Roads get horrible, and it just kind of ruins the vibe and makes people more worried. Altogether though, like I said previously, it’s a very love/hate relationship that I have with snow. 

Rue Daniels

I totally love the snow. It’s annoying when it’s excessive and requires consistent shoveling. If I know I’m shoveling to go snowboarding, then it’s fun. The powder goes right over the icy spots and makes for the smoothest runs. Plus, it makes it not hurt so bad when I wipe out. I will always prioritize living in a snowy climate so that I am capable of finding slopes nearby.  

Maddie Hess

Personally, I love the heat and would much rather live in Miami, Florida, than in Erie during the winter. I love summer months; being in the sun and on the beach are my favorite things. The only things I enjoy about the winter is layered outfits with beanies and snowboarding. I love long sleeves, hoodies, and hats; these make up about 90% of my closet so I do enjoy bundling up during the winter. I have also snowboarded for almost five years now and I’m just learning to hit half pipes and jumps, which I think is such a time of peace for me, but also such a good time as well. I love going to the Peak with my friends, listening to music on the hills, and going into the lodge to stop for a snack.  

Bryce Kalie

Now if you would have asked me this question about six years ago I would have obviously said yes. But now that I’m grown up, the snow is more of a pain in the butt. Having to drive in it is very stressful and quite annoying. I like snow to a degree, but once it’s January and February, I don’t want any more snow. So no, I don’t like the snow, and I wish I could live somewhere that doesn’t get any.

Sam Louie

I both enjoy the snow but don’t enjoy it at the same time. For instance, I like being able to do activities I couldn’t do without it, such as sledding or snowball fights. It can spark creativity, such as when people are able to make full-on igloos. But at the same time it’s hard to deal with, especially when you’re driving. As for personal experience, having lots of snow or icy roads makes it difficult to be on time to things such as school. So overall there’s the ups and downs, but it’s always nice to have every once a while.

Maeve McCormick 

I personally like the snow! I definitely prefer warmer weather and fall weather; however, I love when I see snow start to fall. It is truly so beautiful, and I enjoy being able to experience each season and the insane weather Erie has for each. Snow also means warmer clothing and more layers, which is my favorite way to style an outfit, so thank you, snow!

Jack Rouch

For the most part I do enjoy the snow. I like the snow because it is something Erie is known for. Living in Erie my whole life, I’m used to the snow. When I was younger I would always go sledding and tubing with my family and it is really fun, I still think it is fun. The snow does get annoying because it’s so cold, but for the most part I enjoy it.

Are you a fan of the snow? Why or why not? Share your response in the comments.

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