Students share prom preparations


Maddie Hess

Villa and Prep’s Prom was this past weekend on Saturday, April 30. Many girls and boys alike attended prom, and everyone went above and beyond with the way they prepared for the dance. Emily Torrance and Karlee Berchtold are two girls who had a fantastic time preparing for their senior prom. 

Emily went into detail about the traditions her family always goes through for school dances. 

“For prom, my family has a tradition of making our own corsages and boutonnières,” she said. “The guy makes the girl’s, and the girl makes the guy’s.”

She also explained what her dress looked like and talked about what else she was wearing for the night. 

“I wore a pink fitted dress that I thrifted for 20 dollars about a year ago,” she said. “I painted my nails myself with a cute light pink color. My date and I also wore cowboy hats and cowboy boots instead of the typical heels.”

On the other hand, Karlee did not feel prepared for prom at all. 

“I had no idea what dress I wanted or what group I was going with, where I was taking pictures or going to dinner,” Karlee said. “It’s my senior prom, so I wanted it to be perfect. It was a bit stressful, but I knew to start with my dress.”

She explained where she went to go look for her dress and her experience with it. 

“I went to Bridal Elegance with a few friends to look, and it was a fun experience being able to try on all these long dresses,” Karlee said. “I tried on a few different styled dresses, but I knew I wanted a color I usually didn’t wear and a tight dress. Well, I tried on this flowy dress for fun, and I ended up buying it. It was a light purple dress, and it was so different; I fell in love with it.”

Karlee went on to explain that everything fell into place after she got her dress; it was magical. 

“My boyfriend asked me to prom with flowers and an ice cream cake but it was perfectly enough,” she said. “We went to dinner, just us, but before I took pictures with all of my friends! I’m so thankful for being able to experience one of the highlights of high school with all of my friends!”

Prom was a fantastic night and somewhat of a last hurrah for the seniors to all be together before they graduate.