Cathedral Prep Key Club hosts annual dinner


The Rambler

imageFor the past 24 years the Cathedral Prep Key Club hosts a dinner for the less fortunate people of the Erie area. Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of the dinner, and boy was there a crowd. The students and parents were hard at work, seating people, preparing drinks, serving food, and making sure everyone was having a good time.
Every year we serve turkey, stuffing, corn, salad, cranberry sauce, and all sorts of desserts. We have crafts for children to enjoy making, broad games to keep them entertained while their parents eat, and every child is given a ticket to pick a toy as a gift from the Key Club and the generous donors we had. The Key Club was given over $1,500 from many generous donors to go out and buy toys, hats, and gloves for the attendees. e can never thank the donors enough for what they have done not only for us but for the less fortunate people of Erie.
imageThis year’s dinner was a great success for our group. We served over 800 meals. We had extra gloves, hats, toys, and food. This has never happened before where we have had more then enough. I am proud of the men of the Key Club that they worked so hard, went above and beyond the expectation, and we easily had one of the best years of the dinner. One man spoke personally to me. He said, “We can never thank you enough that you guys do this every year. It is something I look forward to around this season.” Hearing that truly is something special not only for me but the entire group. Having this dinner for people of Erie is something that we enjoy doing as a club because our job is to serve all that we can.