Prep vs. McDowell: A New Era in Prep Football


Aiden Gromley, Staff Writer

The Prep vs. McDowell football game has not only been a huge tradition for just Cathedral Prep and McDowell but for the city of Erie as a whole. For the past few decades, this game has always been the most anticipated football game in the city of Erie. The back-and-forth rivalry between the two teams has been a showcase for all ages to enjoy and a great game to witness.

But there have been many changes to this year’s game and a whole new era of this Prep-McDowell rivalry in the sport of football. New Prep head coach Mike Krahe has entered the scene, replacing legendary coach Mike Mischler, who retired after a great coaching career as the head coach of the Cathedral Prep Ramblers. After coaching as a defensive coordinator for the three state title runs and a total of six years under the helm, Coach Krahe has returned to Rambler football.

With Prep and Villa consolidating and Prep going coed for the first time in school history this year, the whole scene changes for this game. The combination of the two schools will bring more energy to the game from both the members of the Rally Club, and new fans of the game to help support the Ramblers in their fight to a victory for this very anticipated football game. With the showdown of Prep vs. McDowell at Veteran’s Stadium, it allows for more students and fans to attend the game.

Prep senior and Rally Club member Matt Kalie stresses that there have been some complications with the chemistry of the club, but he believes the chemistry has gotten better since the Ramblers have gotten back to school.

This new era of Rambler football could not have come at a better time for the class of 2023, and it is shown that the Ramblers are ready to for this rivalry game. For the seniors, this is the last chance that they get to defeat McDowell in football. Since the team was formed, the football players in the class of 2023 have fallen just short of beating McDowell the past three times.

Starting offensive guard Jaiden Dunlap, spoke about why the game is so important to him. “This is my last chance to beat McDowell, and it is as important as states,” he said.

Jaiden has emphasized greatly upon how this is one of the most important games of the year. Jaiden also talked highly of Coach Krahe, proclaiming his ability to fill the holes in the defense and adjust to the high-powered McDowell offense. Jaiden believes that stopping the great run of McDowell will help lead the Ramblers to victory.

Starting free Safety Damario Crawford believes that the execution and dashing speed of the Ramblers will be a huge part to winning on Friday night. Damario proclaimed his excitement to see the Coach Krahe in his first game as a head coach against McDowell. Although he is excited for his new head coach, Damario believes they have the right focus. “The McDowell Rivalry is just another game week to me with extra fans, Damario said. “We get ready for the game during the week, and after he game we move on to the next week.”

The tension is high for the Ramblers, while the Trojans are looking to continue an impressive start to the season. The stage is set for Veterans Stadium this Friday. One last chance for the class of 2023 Players to get a win against the rival McDowell. For the most anticipated game of the year in the city of Erie, who will take home the bragging rights until Prep and McDowell face off again next year?