Students react to a renovated Prep


John Santone, Junior Editor

Cathedral Prep has gone through a good deal of changes this year, getting ready and following through on the consolidation with Villa Maria Academy. And not only did Prep almost double in students, but the entire building has been renovated, updated, and added on to. Everyone has been wondering how the changes would affect daily life for students in school and their ability to learn in a comfortable environment.

Well, school has started again and campus life has swung into motion, so how is everyone feeling? Adapting was slow at first, of course, with confusion and a little bit of stress filling the halls, but eventually the students have started to find their footing in this new school. The overwhelming feeling now seems to be positive.

The freshmen may not have been around last year to see what all is different, but they are nonetheless enjoying their transition into the world of high school.

“I am excited for the chances and advantages this school will give and prepare me for my future over my next four years,” said freshman student Jessica Beveridge.

Though they are in a whole new environment, much of the school body is feeling good about the upcoming year and the building as a whole. “Everything feels equal now,” said junior Annalise Russell. “We all have better opportunities. Everyone has a bright future ahead of them. Things are great.”

The boys echo this praise of the new building at Prep.

Junior Luke Skarzenski said, “The new building is great and is a new refreshing touch.”

Sophomore Josiah Rumberger also expressed his opinion. “I feel as it’s a nice change of pace,” Josiah said. “It really gives the building a whole new feel.”

Overall, the beginning of the year seems like it can be summed up in the words of senior Kaliah Evans. “[It’s a] great opportunity. I love it here.”