Staff Profile: John Santone


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

John Santone is a man of many talents. He does well in school, is a talented artist, and he also happens to be a talented writer. While it may seem like an easy connection to make as he is in Journalism class, his passion for writing goes beyond any class. John always has enjoyed writing, but some activities in writing have influenced him more than others.

“I probably started to really enjoy writing sometime in middle school,” John said. “The first activity I remember having an impact was in second grade when we had to do narrative assignments. I really enjoyed making a story, which I still think continues to inspire me today.”

As with many things, writing is something best shared with those you care about and that is no different than for John and writing.

“Since we were younger my brother has always had me help him write his essays,” John said. “This means a lot to me as it is something we share together, as to this day he’ll have me proofread his essays to make sure they sound right. It means so much because I get to do it with him, but it is also validation for being good at something I enjoy doing.”

Many times when people have a passion they draw from a certain person for inspiration. For John he has a few authors and series that mean a lot to him.

“I really enjoyed both J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief series,” John said. “While I would not say I draw inspiration from their writing styles, I got it from their works which meant a lot to me as an aspiring writer.”

While people draw inspiration from others it is still up to them to find their own style, and John has found his.

“I would say my writing is very philosophical and intellectual-based,” John said. “It differs greatly from how I speak, as I speak like those around me while when I write I write for myself, which I think makes it more enjoyable.”

While writing may be a fun passion right now, what about future implications?

“I would like to try a career that has to do with writing to some extant,” John said. “While it can be a hard field to get into, I want to try at least, which is all one can do to an extent. Recently, when people have been asking me about my future plans I have been saying writing, which is a start.”

Overall, John Santone has found something that inspires him, and he hopes it could maybe inspire others in the future. It may be something that has implications with his future, but right now he is enjoying writing for The Rambler, school, and on his own time.

Thinking about other young aspiring writers, John offered some advice.

“Many times when people write for school it is very grammatically focused,” John said. “I think for people to enjoy writing, they need to express themselves creatively in whatever structure they feel is right for them. While being grammatically correct is not a bad thing sometimes, the focus on it can lead people to lose their love for something that they may really enjoy.”