Teacher Profile: Ms. Dale


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

The kickstart of a new year has been refreshing for most students and returning teachers. It has given people a new, more resourceful look at the academic excellence that Cathedral Prep provides. The outcasts of this situation are the brand new people acquired that were not here last year. One of these people, specifically a math teacher, Ms. Dale.

Ms. Dale who previously student taught at Prep and Villa approached her first year as a full-time teacher with a positive mindset.

“I was lucky enough to get experience in both Prep and Villa last year, so I think that I had less adjusting to do than some other teachers maybe did,” Ms. Dale said. “While the school is different, it has been a great experience to work with both girls and boys this year.”

Talking to many students, they have nothing but good things to say. Some said she is an amazing teacher who is always on task while making it fun to learn. As a student, this is exactly what you want in a new teacher.

She says the challenges of this new year involves getting the students to interact with each other. She has been in environments before where it is a coed situation, so she is used to it, but she understands the students are not. As this is one of her challenges, it is not the biggest.

“The thing I have found most challenging this year has definitely been finding a way to balance my time,” she said.

She says trying to communicate with students to open up times for extra help, and always being accessible is one of the most important pieces.

Although there have been challenges for all of the Cathedral Prep staff and students for this new year, Ms. Dale has found so much more success. She mentioned that her favorite part of teaching is getting to know each student.

“Each day gives me fun new experiences, and I try to connect my lessons back to practical applications, so I highly encourage students to ask me about when they will use the math they are learning in real life.”

This question lives in students minds on a daily basis, and Ms. Dale loves when people ask.

Finally, when she thinks about her future plans, she can find herself teaching t Prep. The community has been nothing but special she says, and she has had a blast so far this year and cannot wait to keep the ball rolling.