Staff Profile: Matt Kalie


Luke Costello, Multimedia Coordinator

There are 15.1 million high school students in the United States. Many of these people live great lives, some poor, and some very interesting. I believe each person should be heard in some way or another, and today that is Matt Kalie.

Matt Kalie, a senior at Cathedral Prep high school has a very fun and loving family life. As all people growing up and going through high school, there are very fond memories and also some bad memories. Matt highlighted mostly on the special moments that he shares traveling with his family. His most favorite destination that he has visited is Florida.

“Although it is a common place to travel, the time spent with family and friends is unlike any other,” Matt said.

He is also very thankful for the things his parents do for him because without them, these trips would not be possible.

Next, he touched a little bit on life lessons that he has learned growing up. One of the coolest quotes I heard from him was, “Don’t let your blood be thicker than water, no matter what just always do the right thing.”

He furthers this by saying don’t ever use your family to cover up something bad, this is not the way his family lives. He says his family raised him to become a man and make his own good decisions in moderation.

After, Matt talked about starting a family of his own in the future. He states that he doesn’t want a big family by any means, but he cares about having a happy family, providing for his kids. Matt spends a lot of time thinking about his future with a family, but he also does not want to stress about the thought of it.

Finally, Matt says that he takes most after his dad. Many young children look up to their fathers and try to act just like them, and this is what Matt did growing up. Matt says the hobbies and interests his parents enjoy are the same as his.