Open House draws large crowd of prospective students


Matt Kalie, Staff Writer

There is a lot that has to go into open house for Cathedral Prep. It is a really big selling point for the school for bringing more student in for the next year whether they are transfer students or 7th and 8th graders. The open house is organized by Mr. Dougherty, Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Mr. Dougherty takes a lot of time with help from students to set up and make the school look really nice. Every year for open house, many students sign up to help out with things like being a tour guide, helping with teachers in their classrooms, and other things like promoting the school in a positive way. The students seemed to enjoy helping out. This year, with both boys and girls in the school, the students bonded well and were very helpful working with each other.

Senior Cole Constable had a few words to say about the open house.

“It seemed there were a lot of people who were interested in coming to Prep next year, boys and girls,” Cole said.

Open house is also a good weekend for bonding. Prospective students will meet other students that may be in the school the next year, and current students get to spend the day with some of their classmates and also their teachers.

One of the best parts of open house is getting a feel for Prep and to start feeling acclimated into the school. With boys and girls now being together, the school students along with faculty and staff, are very welcoming. Open house truly shows what a good direction the school is headed.