Seniors train to be Eucharistic Ministers


John Santone, Junior Editor

Seniors at Cathedral Prep have begun training for Eucharistic Ministry.

Select Seniors have volunteered to join the faith community at Prep. Eucharistic Ministers help at Mass to distribute the host. Eucharistic ministry is a great way to be active at Prep and in the faith.

The process the seniors are going through consists of a few simple steps. The new ministers need to get forms signed by their parish and write a short essay about the ministry. Cathedral Prep’s chaplain, Fr. Jason Feigh, sends the bishop a letter, and then they go through a brief training period.

The seniors that have gone through this process become leaders in the faith. They serve an important role in Mass and will soon be fulfilling one of the most, if not the most, important sacraments in the Catholic faith, the Eucharist. Fr. Jason says that Eucharistic Ministers receive the graces associated with bringing Jesus to others. This service provides needed assistance to the priests, the bishop, and the whole Prep community.

Becoming a minister does not have many requirements. The person wanting to be a minister only has to be a confirmed and practicing Catholic.

“You don’t have to have perfect faith,” Fr. Jason said. “You just have to have willing faith.”

Eucharistic ministry is one way Prep joins together spiritually. The students who have elected to become Eucharistic Ministers have made an effort to grow closer to their faith.