Album Review: Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss


John Santone, Junior Editor

2022 has been many things, but no one can say there wasn’t good music released this year. The rap genre has had plenty of albums this year, many of them being very well received. Kendrick Lamar came out with Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, Future dropped I Never Liked You, and Lil Baby released It’s Only Me to name a few. But perhaps the most popular album in the hip-hop game was Drake and 21 Savage’s album Her Loss. The album was only released November 4, and it has already become one of the most listened to albums this year.

Many people have poked fun of the lyrical style utilized by Drake, which is not particularly surprising, because he is consistently topping charts, and with fame comes negative criticism. However, when you ignore the jokes and listen for yourself, you realize why the album is so popular.

The album starts off strong, as the first four songs are among the most listened to. 21 Savage is no amateur in joint albums, but the collaboration with Drake is definitely unique. Both artists show their talent in the first song, “Rich Flex. Both Drake’s lyrical hip-hop style and 21’s rap ability paired with the mellow but intense beats are on full display in “On BS” and “BackOutsideBoyz.”

The first songs are not the only good ones, though. The middle of the album is also special. 21’s verses in “Hours In Silence” are in the running for the rapper’s best parts.  The fast-paced lines from Drake in “Circo Loco” and his flow in “Broke Boys,” while not being the most popular, are potentially the most catchy lyrics on the whole album.

The album doesn’t fall off at the end either. The beat on “Middle of the Ocean” paired with Drake’s verses and the background vocals end up making a chill song that still has meaning behind the bars. 21 Savage’s lines on “More M’s” and “3AM on Glenwood” provide a slower but more story driven focus that pull the album together.

There will be plenty of people who say that Her Loss is overrated, but there is at most one song I don’t think is really good. Is it the best album? Obviously not, but in a year lacking a star album, I believe it very well may fill that role.