National Vocations Week


Olivia Buckel, Buckel

The Catholic Church celebrated National Vocations Week from November 6-12, and Cathedral Prep’s Chaplain Father Jason Feigh celebrated this week in his own unique way.

National Vocation Awareness Week is celebrated yearly throughout America by the Catholic Church to bring awareness to the importance of supporting all vocations, especially religious vocations of priesthood, diaconate, and consecrated life. It reminds us that all men and women can find joy in serving God and the world, and that religious vocations are just as important as marriage and consecrated single life.

In Father Jason’s opinion, National Vocations Week is a huge help to the vocations of priesthood and religious sisters, and he tries his best to bring as much light to it as possible.

“I love this week because I can talk about how important it is that we are open to and support the many ways we can serve the church,” Father Jason said. “I think that this week helps because its focus is on praying for and the importance of many religious vocations.  Again, without these vocations, we would not have help being formed as leaders in the faith.”

Father Jason preached about vocations for the entirety of the week, as well as talked to his students and prayed about it on his own time. He hopes that he has gotten his message across and more students discern their callings.

“There is a religious calling for anything we are interested in, and if the Lord is calling you he will give you the courage,” Father Jason said. “Be open to His call wherever He wants you in life and always live a life of joy.”

If you are interested in discerning your vocation or have any questions, email Father Jason at [email protected].