What are you thankful for?


The Rambler

With Thanksgiving season upon us, our staff shared what they are thankful for. Read on to learn their opinions.

Henry Abercrombie

I am thankful for all of the friends and family in my life. However, I am very excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving break. I am absolutely ready to be out of here for 4 or 5 days. I am also thankful that I did well enough to get A’s in my classes this quarter. I am also thankful for all of the things in life that got me to where I am today—the sacrifices and hard work that my parents made. I also think about the homeless around this time. Although winter is often my favorite season, it can often be especially difficult for those without shelter. I won’t be able to do box village this year, but I hope that those in need are able to find somewhere sheltered from the cold, and something to eat as we stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of the “gluttony” aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a wasteful product of our modern culture, and the original Thanksgiving was about friendship between two different cultures, and assisting those in need. I recognize my relative comfort and stability in life, and although we often take it for granted, it is absolutely something to be thankful for. 

Gabe Allegretto

I’m particularly thankful for my friends this week. I have had an extremely difficult weekend and a few of my friends were able to offer me some relief. Over my time at Prep, I have had the pleasure of meeting people who have had a considerable impact on me, and changed me for the better. I truly wish that everyone is able to find a group of people within their lives that they’re able to relate with and go to in times of stress.  

Olivia Buckel

I am especially grateful for my parents and my sister this holiday season. We have had a lot go on this year, both wins and losses, and we have managed to get through it all together. I would not be the person I am without them, and I definitely would not have gotten through this year without them. I am eternally grateful for them.  

Luke Costello

In life, being thankful is one of the most important aspects you can have. The sacrifices that people make, and the things you have don’t come from nowhere. I have been given so many amazing opportunities in my life. For example, going to a top-tier private school, traveling for sports, and having a home to provide shelter. All of this came from my parents. I am most thankful for them because of all the sacrifices they have made to provide for me and my siblings. There have been many moments in my life when I have taken my parents for granted, and to them, all they want sometimes is a simple thank you. This shows that you acknowledge the hard work they put in for us to live a happy life. Parents are the focal point in our lives, and we wouldn’t be here without them.  

Ellen Dieteman 

Alicia Gonzalez

Aiden Gromley
What I would say that I am most thankful for is the friends and family that have supported and been around me for my entire life. Without love and support in life, we may never know the person that we can become or the decisions we make. The people in our lives really help to mold who we are and the decisions that we make in our everyday lives. There are so many people that I could thank for helping me become the man that I am today that I could go on for hours on end. But this year I am thankful for the great people that are in my life and helped me to become the man that I am today. 
Hayden Hutchinson
The thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is nature. Throughout my life I have always thought that being indoors is better than being outdoors. That is until recently when I realized that even in a place with terrible weather, such as Erie, nature still is beautiful. The snow has an almost mesmerizing feel to it even as much as I may dislike it at times. Throughout, the world there are natural wonders that are almost hard to comprehend and someday I would like to visit. Overall, that is why I am thankful for nature this thanksgiving.  
Matt Kalie
This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for my possessions. I always think about my family and friends first, but I often forget about my possessions. I’m thankful for all of my possessions, but the one I thankful for the most is my bedroom. I love my bed and didn’t know what I would do without my own space. Of course I’m very thankful for things like my family, friends, job, and school but I’m glad I took the opportunity to be thankful for something else.
Kendra Piotrowski
I’m most thankful for my grandma. She saved my life and has worked super hard to give me the best life ever. If it wasn’t for her, my life would be completely different, and I wouldn’t be going the places I am without her. My grandma adopted and raised me, and she did it with so much love and care, I couldn’t ever thank her enough for everything she has done. She continues to work after retirement, just to be able to give me a good education along with necessities and wants. She’s the strongest women I know and has the biggest heart. She’s taught me to love like no one else can, and I’m so very thankful for her. 
John Santone
In my personal opinion, I would say the best musical genre is currently rap. The way music has transformed over the last few decades has been predominantly towards rap in the mainstream. Rap has become so influential and diverse, it has given a voice to generations of all types of people, especially those looked down upon in society.
On the opposite side of the music, I think the worst genre is new age pop music. The pop music genre just doesn’t appeal to me. Generally the beats are generic and the lyrics are either confusing or just lack any meaning besides an occasional story about a non-descriptive romance.  
Dominick Scarpino
Alternative rock is the best music genre in my opinion. It encompasses a lot of my favorite bands, like Sabaton and Wind Rose. The instruments themselves also don’t overpower the lyrics, so you can actually understand what they are saying and even sing along to them. You also can find a great variety of songs and a great variety of bands to choose from.  

My least favorite genre is country by far. I hate the unoriginality of the lyrics. I can’t connect with the lyrics at all. I despise that it seems like every single song talks about one of five things, probably about love. I really don’t enjoy listening to country in any capacity. The lack of variety of instruments is also a big factor as to why I hate country. The acoustic guitar can get old very quickly. I would probably enjoy country more if everything about it was better.