What is your favorite holiday?


The Rambler

As the calendar turns to December, holidays are on the minds of many. This week The Rambler wrote about their favorite holiday. Read on to learn their opinions.

Henry Abercrombie

My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. It is the coziest of holidays. Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts, but for me, Christmas is more about the relaxation. There is no feeling better than wearing some Christmas-themed pajamas while you sit and read with a cat, and perhaps a mug of cocoa sitting on a table nearby. The Christmas season is also absolutely about sleeping in. Getting up early on Christmas morning is nice, especially if it is snowing pretty heavily, but the break from school stands above all else. Hopefully, we will be able to visit more family this year. Christmas is also the season of tasty treats. Peppermint flavored stuff is always the best, especially tea. Although I will probably age out of Christmas presents shortly, you are never too old for Christmas. 

Gabe Allegretto

My favorite holiday is Christmas, easily. It’s one of the few times of the year that all of my family gets together and we’re all having a good time. I also really like the atmosphere that comes with Christmas. Everything feels cozy, and school doesn’t feel so bad since you know that a long break is approaching. The only thing that I don’t necessarily like about Christmas is that the weather is usually ridiculously cold. 

Olivia Buckel

My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. The build-up to it is so exciting, giving gifts is the best feeling ever, and I love winter in general. I also really enjoy the food around Christmas, and the fact that New Year’s is right after it. It is two holidays in less than a week, which is amazing. I also love Christmas break so much more than summertime because I can just stay inside and relax.  

Luke Costello

Ellen Dieteman 

Alicia Gonzalez

Aiden Gromley
If I had to choose my favorite holiday, I think that I would have to choose Halloween of all the holidays. It is one of the most distinct holidays that everyone I believe is able to celebrate regardless of what you believe. Halloween brings a spooky, scary vibe that changes the atmosphere, depending on person. To me, Halloween is a very distinctive holiday that is very different from the rest of the holidays. Halloween is a spooky and scary season to which I love everything about and can’t wait until the next year.  
Hayden Hutchinson
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. First, it is in the summer where there is no school to go back to once it’s over. Second, growing up we always went to Lake Shore Country Club to do all their Fourth of July activities. There were tennis games, followed by pool games, and finally a rock climbing wall and fire works. Today, we go to the beach all day to grill out and have fun. Overall, it is a fun day shared by family with nostalgia which makes it my favorite holiday. 
Matt Kalie
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. It’s a really good day to spend with family and friends. It’s also in the middle of summer, so you don’t have to worry about school for a long time. The Fourth of July is also fun because fireworks and you get to destroy your back yard. Overall it’s a really nice day with your family and a lot of food and just a good time to hang out.
Kendra Piotrowski
My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. I love dressing up in different red, white, and blue outfits. And my family always throws a big party with lots of food that’s really good. It is just a time in the summer everyone can enjoy each other, food, and fireworks. Fireworks have to be my favorite part of the holiday. By my house there is a park, and the residents of the neighborhood always put on big firework shows. I go with my family and eat food and snacks and help watch the little kids. The Fourth of July is not everyone’s favorite, but it is mine.  
John Santone
My favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s a difficult decision because there are a lot of holidays that are fun and all are unique in there own ways. However, Christmas is the one holiday in my family that guarantees a large party of my family and friends, many of whom I don’t see very frequently. The time spent with family really makes the holiday fun, and the presents don’t hurt either. 
Dominick Scarpino
My favorite holiday is Christmas. I enjoy seeing my family and getting a lot of food and gifts. I also enjoy the snow quite a bit, and Christmas is the holiday for snow. Also, getting presents from family members never gets old. I have very fond memories of going to my grandmother’s house to open presents and eat a lot of sugar cookies. Those memories probably play a big role in why Christmas is my favorite holiday.