Giving Day at Cathedral Prep/MTA


John Santone, Junior Editor

Giving Day 2022 at Cathedral Prep resulted in over $850,000 from donations.

November 16 was Prep’s Giving Day this year. Giving Day is the chosen day that Prep students and their families, as well as faculty and all alumni of the school, are encouraged to donate as much as they are willing.

Giving Day has been a long standing tradition at Cathedral Prep. Many families and alumni choose to donate large sums to the Prep cause. While in previous years students were all asked to donate $5, this Giving Day students were only asked to give $3. Typically students are encouraged to donate and given a day off on the Monday after the Super Bowl if a certain percentage of the students donate, but this year has changed, presumably due to the delayed start to the school year. The following Friday after Giving Day students were rewarded with a free dress down.

This year saw over 1,100 people in the joint communities of Cathedral Preparatory School and Mother Teresa Academy donate to the cause. The funds raised are used by to improve the Prep and MTA experience for each student. This reaches from student education to the Catholic mission that the schools’ support for their community.

In the first twenty-four hours, the total donations from all parties reached $856,294.32, all of which goes to support for the school. The Prep/MTA faculty expressed overwhelming gratitude to all those who have donated.