Who is your favorite superhero?


The Rambler

This week The Rambler staff wrote about their favorite superheroes. Read on to learn their opinions.

Henry Abercrombie

My favorite superhero is Groot. He is just a living tree and is all around a great character. It’s been demonstrated that Groot is particularly powerful because his arm acted as a handle for Stormbreaker, a weapon that was capable of destroying Thanos. He acts as comic relief throughout the movies that he is in, and even as a baby, Groot is capable of mass destruction. Throughout several movies in the MCU, I have greatly enjoyed the progression of Groot from a baby, to a sassy adolescent, all the way up to a young adult again. The trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 has me very excited, because it shows an adult Groot using his limbs to fire many blasters at once. You know that a character must by good when he can captivate an audience with just three words: “I am Groot.” 

Gabe Allegretto

My favorite superhero is definitely Batman. Part of what makes him my favorite superhero is that he is able to take out people who are way stronger than him because he is so much smarter. I especially like the fact that he started out as a pretty average person, but was able to become one of the most skilled combatants and detectives on the planet through his sheer willpower. He’s also extremely selfless, always putting the lives of average citizens before his own. I could go on and on about how cool this character is, but these are just a few of his most notable qualities. 

Olivia Buckel

My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. I love Black Widow, Daredevil, and Moonknight, but Spider-Man has incredibly unique powers as well as unimaginable mental strength. Peter Parker has gone through so much in his life, especially in the MCU, but yet he still remains to help those around him and keep the purity of his heart. He is stronger than I will ever be, especially if I experienced what he experienced in life. I look up to him every day, and that’s why he’s my favorite.  

Luke Costello

Ellen Dieteman 

Alicia Gonzalez

Aiden Gromley
If I had to choose from the large array of my favorite superheroes, I would probably have to go with Rorschach from the Watchmen series. His swift knack for justice and determination of good versus evil gives the reader a great sense of morality in a character. Not only does his decision-making of good and evil appeal to me, but the fact he fights crime without any kinds of superpowers. Rorschach is able to capture an audience whether it be from the comic books themselves or the Watchmen movie with the unique sense of morality for humankind and his ability to discern the morally correct decisions. Rorschach is a very well written character and can capture the interest of all comic book readers and moviegoers everywhere.  
Hayden Hutchinson
My favorite superhero is Thor. I am not a die hard Marvel fan like many; however, Thor is funny but also very powerful. It is also very interesting that he is a Norse God so his story is very different to many of the other super heroes. His relationship with Loki is also fun as it is a classic brotherly relationship (except for the killing and superpowers), which make him relatable. The nickname Thor: God of Thunder is also one of the best superhero nicknames. Not only is he a good superhero he also has a day of the week named after him, so overall for these reasons Thor is my favorite superheroes.  
Matt Kalie
My favorite super hero is Batman. He is what most boys dream in “real life.” He is rich with the coolest looking suit and has the best gadgets. He lives in a mansion with a ton of sports cars and is always with a supermodel. Batman is also really good at fighting and can beat anyone up. Batman also almost killed Superman in the movie and comics Batman vs. Superman. I also think he’s my favorite because it’s a little bit more realistic of a superhero character rather than a superhero like Superman who can fly can shoot lasers out of his eyes.
Kendra Piotrowski
My favorite super hero is Spider-Man. I love all of the movies and the video game. Spider-Man has a cool suit, and it’s cool because he swings around Queens. Spider-Man is a different superhero because he is a teenager and not a full grown person. Spider-Man is one of the first comic book superheroes and his character is original. 
John Santone
My favorite superhero is Nightwing. Dick Grayson started as the original Robin, Batman’s sidekick. His character meant a lot to me as a child who just found out what superheroes were. For one, I didn’t have much of a choice when my older brother had the Batman action figures and I had to play sidekick. But as I grew up with Robin, he grew up too and became Nightwing. His story showed a young boy like me that he didn’t have to be the sidekick forever. He doesn’t need special powers, he just keeps his head up and moves through life with an optimistic attitude. 
Dominick Scarpino
My favorite superhero is Doctor Strange. He is my favorite mostly because he is the closest thing to a wizard superhero that I can find. MCU movies featuring Doctor Strange are my favorite movies to watch over and over again. I like his superpowers, but I also enjoy how Benedict Cumberbatch brings the character with another level of sarcastic remarks, mixed with the understood responsibility of power. With Cumberbatch’s excellent performance of the character, along with the given wizard-like superpowers that Doctor Strange has, it’s not hard to imagine why Doctor Strange is my favorite superhero.