What is your favorite memory of the year?


The Rambler

As the staff of The Rambler prepares to head home for Christmas break, they took a moment to reflect on the past year. Read their favorite memories from 2022 below.

Henry Abercrombie

My favorite memory from this year was going to see several Pink Floyd concerts. They are one of my favorite bands, and I was able to see both Roger Waters and Nick Mason play live. The experience was quite surreal. All of the songs had very strong lyrics and instrumentation, and combined with the crazy light shows, each concert was a sight to behold. In fact, I watched the Nick Mason concert the night before I took my SAT test, so I’m giving him partial credit for my great score—the show was a great way to relax and de-stress before the test started the next morning. Overall, it was an experience that I won’t soon forget. 

Gabe Allegretto

My favorite memory from this year probably comes from last week. I had just finished my finals for Gannon, and I can’t express how much relief I felt. This year at Gannon has been especially difficult, and my classes at Prep made things even worse. However, I was able to pass all of my Gannon classes with exceptional grades, and I now get to reap the rewards; that being that I get to sleep in until 9:30 every morning. 

Olivia Buckel

I think my favorite memory of this year was going to California in July. I was lucky enough to go to both Disneyland and Huntington Beach, and I had so much fun with my family. Avengers Campus was amazing and the beaches were beautiful. Relaxing in the sun was amazing after a difficult first half of the year, and I was so glad we could spend that time together. I hope to make more memories with them in 2023 

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

Aiden Gromley

If I had to choose my favorite moment from this year, I think going to Moon Man’s Landing was the best time I had this year. Being my first few concerts that I plan on attending, it was a great experience seeing one of my favorite artists, Kid Cudi, live in concert. Not only was it great seeing Kid Cudi, it was a great time traveling to one of my favorite places, Cleveland. Moon Man’s Landing helped me to gain a great experience of going to my first concert and allowing me to live one of my dreams out in seeing my favorite artist Kid Cudi. I hope that next year they will be able to recreate the experience that I had this year and I hope to be in attendance for the next year’s Moon Man’s Landing Festival. 

Hayden Hutchinson
My favorite memory from this year was going to South Africa. In June, I went to South Africa, which was a life-changing experience. I also got to visit my grandparents who I do not see very often and stay with them for a month. I got to meet many new people and have experiences I do not get to have everyday. It also inspired me to travel more and try and find new cultures that I haven’t experienced. Overall, it was a great memory that I will remember for the rest of my life. 
Matt Kalie
My favorite memory from this year has got to be going on vacation with my family. It has been a few years since we last went on vacation because of COVID and it was nice to get away from home for a little while. We all had a lot of fun but it was really nice to just relax and get away from everything. The weather in Florida was beautiful and we got to do many things outside. I enjoyed just being with my family and having no other distractions.
Dominick Scarpino
My favorite memory from this year isn’t really an event, more like combination of events that led to this happy memory. The happiest memory I have is watching the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs with my step-dad. This was really the first time I started to watch any sport, let alone hockey. I quickly feel in love with the sport and rooting for my team. I really look back fondly on those nights, the wins and the losses, because of just how much fun I had watching it. That interest in hockey finally ignited my interest in sports, so I have that to thank for my newfound love for sports.