Teacher Profile: Mr. Ryback


Kendra Piotrowski, Multimedia Coordinator

Cathedral Prep has amazing teachers. One of the newest is math teacher Mr. Ryback. Mr. Ryback became a teacher because he really enjoyed coaching and knew the two were similar.

“Once I had my first taste of teaching, the daily interaction with students and the interaction with the rest of the staff, I knew I made the right choice,” Mr. Ryback said.

Mr Ryback teaches math. However, was not always been passionate about math. It wasn’t until high school and college when it became easier.

“Once I began to understand math and the meaning behind it, I became passionate about it then,” Mr. Ryback said.

Outside of teaching, Mr. Ryback enjoyed cooking, hunting, and fishing.

Mr. Ryback also taught at Villa, and he thinks the consolidation went well and that the atmosphere of the students is better.

Although the consolidation was definitely a challenge for a lot, he also had to finish his masters while finishing student teaching and preparing to transition into his current position.

Even through struggles and challenges Mr. Ryback enjoys being a teacher, and in my opinion it is a very good one.

“My favorite thing about teaching is being able to interact with all the students and have an enjoyable time throughout the day and within each class,” Mr. Ryback said. “I like to see that my students can still have some fun while we get everything done that we need to get done during class.”