Esports: The Future Has Arrived at Cathedral Prep

Esports Club has First Meeting


Hayden Hutchinson , Managing Editor

There have been many changes to come to Cathedral Prep this year, and one of the most exciting for the future of the school is the Esports Club. With a selling point of the new school being technological advances to the building and in general,  the Esports Club and room became a key factor in new plans. Last Tuesday the club held their first official meaning with some organizational details being put in place for the upcoming season.

“The Esports meeting explained the cost and process of the Esports Club,” said club leader and teacher Mr. Check. “We’re joining the HSEL [High School Esports League] for the Spring Major. There are eight games we can play. The cost is $25 per player. Parent permission forms and grade checks will be sent out and maintained.”

There is a level of excitement around the new club, which was a selling point of the new school. Around 25 students attended the meeting and were excited to find out more.

“I’m pretty excited for the new Esports Club,” senior Brady Meyer said. “I was in the Video Game cCub, which was just having fun playing different games casually, but with the Esports Club we get to try out different games at a competitive level in addition to playing against different schools.”

Not only is there excitement for the club, but also the selection of games available to play competitively.

“I am glad that there is not just one or two games to choose from for the competitive aspect,” Brady added. “I would say the games I’m most excited about are Rainbow Six Siege because I enjoy playing that casually at home and Valorant because it is a game that I haven’t tried yet but would like to learn how to play it. “

Overall, the level of enthusiasm not just for the future of Esports at Cathedral Prep but also the present is extremely high. Keep an eye out for new information to come, which will mostly be communicated through email.

“An email should be going out soon, setting up sign-up for the tournament,” Mr.Check said. “I’m excited for students who enjoy video games and competitive gaming to find a club that they can have fun in and build into something special.”