Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria MVP program provides students with great opportunities


The Rambler

Cathedral Prep has always been seen as a school which prides itself on its academic and sportsmanship, very much relating to the motto of “Developing men of vision in spirit, mind, and body.” However, one of the programs which gets quite a bit of attention from the students who study at Prep is the sometimes under-the-rader MVP program. The MVP, program, which stands for “Music, Visual and Performing” arts program, is just what the name suggests it is. Students from Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy create musicals, videos, and perhaps the largest part, is easily the performances.
Students gather together in either Prep or Villa’s auditorium and begin rehearsal long before the performance time, taking the role of someone else in the various shows that are put on, including: Frankenstein, Oliver!, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Leader of the Pack as well as many others throughout the years since the program started. Students of both schools attend and practice for weeks, just like those do with the sports programs, to create a spectacular scene for the audience of Erie, Pa., and the surrounding areas to enjoy.
Despite not getting that much attention compared to the other programs that the conglomerate of schools use, with the help of a stage crew, and the hard-working actors that work in the program, the musicals and shows have had resounding success over this years and this year in particular, and hopefully this trend of good work will throughout the time that the program will be running in the future.