Green Team explores possibility of school recycling program

Green Team explores possibility of school recycling program

Henry Abercrombie

With the rise of Cathedral Prep’s Green Team, many people may be wondering what exactly the organization does. Perhaps you have taken Environmental Science like myself, and have become concerned about the threats facing our environment. As we are all inhabitants of the earth, we are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for it. We are called to be stewards of the earth. Although Earth Day does not occur until April, the sooner we recognize the troubles facing our planet, the better. Thus, I interviewed Mrs. Deau of Green Team, in order to ask about a potential recycling program at Cathedral Prep. “The Green Team has had several projects such as announcements during the week of Earth Day, letting the school community know of different items that can be recycled and how that can impact our planet.”

Did you know that the capped landfill in Erie is about 1500 feet tall? That makes it one of the highest points in Erie! Mrs. Deau and the Green Team believe that we can help mitigate the amount of trash accumulated in these landfills through recycling: “We believe recycling is important. Anything we can keep out of the landfills, is a win. The United States is way behind other countries concerning what we recycle.” Fortunately, the Green Team does plan to organize recycling for “aluminum, glass, and eventually plastic”, according to Mrs. Deau.

Unfortunately, there are several roadblocks to instituting a recycling program at Prep.

“The biggest barrier is local waste removal services providing recycling programs—if they do, the cost and expectations are strict, with high service fines for not following them,” Mr. Pituch said. “All of the major removal services do not offer recycling for commercial entities.”

Although Prep has looked into recycling programs before, there have been fewer options and higher costs as time goes on.

Overall, if we wish to initiate a recycling program at Cathedral Prep, it seems that the movement must be largely grassroots. This means that it is up to each individual person to advocate for recycling, and to realistically meet the expectations that have been set. Regardless, the Cathedral Prep community must strive ever onwards to offset the harm done by contributing to the landfills—remaining optimistic and spreading awareness are some of the best things that we can do. As said by Mrs. Deau and the Green Team: “Resources are not unlimited. What we do today affects future generations.”