Completion of restoration allows school Mass to return to cathedral


Gabe Allegretto, Staff Writer

On February 16, 2023, Prep students finally made their return to the cathedral after a three-and-a-half year hiatus.

If there is one thing that sets Cathedral Prep apart from other high schools in the area, it’s the strong link to faith that the school has. Once a week, every Thursday, students have been making their way to the auditorium in order to celebrate Mass. The cathedral initially began renovations back in 2019, and has been under construction ever since. Having Mass in the auditorium has left some students with mixed feelings about the celebration.

“The informal setting of the auditorium led to a less immersive Mass experience,” senior Michael Kuzma said.

This is by far one of the most common complaints from students who had been in the cathedral their freshman year, but then had to move to the auditorium. Father Jason even discussed during the first Mass back in the cathedral that gathering in an atmosphere that was designed with the specific intention of worshipping would be more compelling.

In regards to the actual renovations themselves, students were taken back by just how beautiful and refined the cathedral had become. Aidan Richter commented on how the ceiling of the cathedral in particular looked much nicer than when he had last seen it during his freshman year.

What students may or may not know is that this is not the cathedral’s first renovation. Father Jason typically gives a tour of the cathedral to all of the classes at some point during the year, but the cathedral also has its own website which gives an in-depth explanation of its vast history (

The cathedral is not only a staple of Prep but also for the city. For students to finally be able to return and celebrate the mass there is truly a blessing, and a great opportunity to grow in one’s own faith.