Alumni Profile: Pete Tellers (’91)


Matt Kalie, Staff Writer

Pete Tellers and my father meet each other in grade school and became best friends. Tellers graduated from Cathedral Prep in 1991.

He attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated from there four years later. Tellers said he chose to go to Prep because his father went there. He mentioned how it felt like Prep was just right for him because his family went there, and he wanted to follow in their footsteps.

“Any teenage boy that has a father that went to Prep or other family at the school, you just feel the need to go,” he said. “Even when you are a little kid, it’s almost like you’re born into it.”

Tellers, along with many other graduates of Prep, said by far his favorite thing was the sports. He played water polo, but he went to every football and basketball game. He said the game day against a rival were some of the most fun days in school.

He currently works in Sacramento, Ca., in a welfare office, called California Department of Social Services. He helps people who are on welfare get off of it and be able to make their own money to support themselves comfortably.

Tellers explained how his Prep education prepared him best for college, how he was “ahead of most people in his classes because the education is more advanced at Prep more than other schools.”

He also said he learned a few social skills and how to work with other people.

“Prep is like no other school,” Tellers said. “…it’s the best place to just be yourself. It’s a opportunity that you will never have again, not at school or work. They taught me that you have to live the way you want, not the way someone else wants.”

He talked about the advantages he had in college and how his writing and literature was more advanced than most kids in his class. He was saying how he wasn’t the smartest guy in the class, but he was one of the more prepared guys in the class.

He also played water polo for Prep. He talked about how the “brotherhood” never leaves. To this day, he keeps in close contact with his friends from high school, goes to a few reunions, and sees people from Prep all around America.

His favorite year at Prep was his senior year. He said by senior year, you’re getting ready to move on and are more focused on other things, but the activities were still fun.

Tellers wanted his kids to go to Prep and have the same experience he did; however, he and his family moved to Buffalo and then out to California for work. He was a little disappointed when his kids not going to Prep was reality. His advice for kids going to prep is to “have fun, take your classes seriously, do everything, and don’t take it for granted because it’s the most fun you will have.”