What is your opinion of the Shamrock Shake?


The Rambler

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the staff of The Rambler turned their focus to the Shamrock Shake this week. Read on for their thoughts on this seasonal treat.

Henry Abercrombie

I must admit, I am a connoisseur of everything mint flavored. I simply adore mint. However, there is a difference between genuine mint leaves and the dessert kind of mints. While both have a cooling flavor, only the actual mint plant or mint extract can give you a real minty flavor. They are unparalleled in taste, far above cheap mint imitations in the form of gum or candy canes. (When given the option, I will still take a tasty candy cane, or a piece of mint gum.) This leads me to conclude that while the Shamrock Shake has a pleasant minty flavor, it is ultimately a sham—rocks are more appetizing. It comes from McDonalds—any of their desserts is guaranteed to be overloaded with sweetener. This may be a positive for others, but I do not enjoy foods that are sickeningly sweet, and that is the first adjective I would use to describe a Shamrock Shake. It is another cheap promotional ploy from McDonalds to get more sales during St. Patrick’s Day. At least it is a healthier alternative to those bar crawls they do around Erie. The Shamrock Shake will not leave you feeling lucky—in reality, it will leave you feeling bloated, miserable, and questioning your life choices. 

Gabe Allegretto

I’m a big fan of the Shamrock Shake. In general, I love milkshakes, especially vanilla or strawberry; Shamrock Shakes are specially good, as far as milkshakes are concerned. I can see why some people might not enjoy it because of the somewhat minty flavor, but it’s never been an issue for me. I also like the presentation of the Shamrock Shake. It’s not often that you see a green milkshake; it’s just aesthetically pleasing. 

Olivia Buckel

I love Shamrock Shakes so much. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favorite flavors, and Shamrock Shakes make that into a milkshake form. I also think that the build up to them adds to the experience, so that makes them that much more delicious. You wait for them all year, and they always live up to my expectations. They also have some with Oreo in them and it tastes exactly like mint chocolate ice cream. It’s so good!  

Luke Costello

Alicia Gonzalez

The Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s is an all-time great when it comes to milkshakes, and a lot of that comes with its once-a-year appearance. Now, although I do quite enjoy it myself, I think a lot of the hype from the drink itself comes from its rarity. Personally, I do like a lot of minty flavored things, but I can also see why people do not like the mint-flavored things, and I can come to respect that. All and all, the Shamrock Shake is a very good milkshake, I do believe it can be overhyped at times. With it only coming out once a year, however, it helps boast its popularity and the hype. 

Hayden Hutchinson
My opinion on the Shamrock Shake is that it is mediocre. People react like it is the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity when in reality it is just okay. If I were to get a free one I would not turn it down it is a decent milkshake. but I would not go out of my way to get one. It is a fun thing for Saint Patrick’s day overall, but the other issue it is usually comes during Lent when many times people are giving up sweets for Lent. In the end I think they are not bad by any means, but they are not my favorite thing and would not go to McDonald’s specifically for a Shamrock Shake. 
Matt Kalie
Kendra Piotrowski
In my opinion the Shamrock Shake has to be the best possible shake ever created. I dislike the fact it’s only around in March. I wish it was an all-year thing, but it’s a good tradition. The Shamrock Shake with chocolate is even better. I’m not a huge fan of McDonald’s, but I will so go there to get a Shamrock Shake. Unfortunately I gave up fast food for Lent, but on St. Patrick’s Day, I will be getting a Shamrock Shake. 
John Santone
The Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s is the most average dessert beverage in the history of fast food. If you take a moment to think about what it actually is, you would probably agree. Unless mint is your favorite flavor in the world, there is nothing special about it. McDonald’s uses the “limited time only” scheme to make the shakes have some value. I highly doubt that they would be as popular as they are if they were a year-round menu item. It’s just a mint shake. It’s nothing special. 
Dominick Scarpino
I think that Shamrock Shakes are fine. I have no real opinion one way or another. However, I think it really doesn’t live up to the hype. There is normally too much whipped cream and that just makes the shake taste odd to me. The shakes are top tier if you consider that they come from McDonald’s, which isn’t a good place to eat. Overall, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get the shake, but I wouldn’t complain if I got it either.