2023 Cathedral Prep Legacy Gala Honors Alumni


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

On March 18, 2023, Cathedral Prep’s biggest fundraiser took place at the Bayfront Convention Center. This year’s event honored two people who made Cathedral Prep (and formerly Villa) a better place, with Mr. Mike Mischler and Mrs. Barbara (Roden) Lechner being honored. Administration, donors, and students of both Mother Theresa Academy and Cathedral Prep made up the population of the event.

“Our annual Legacy Gala is the foremost fundraising event for the school,” said Mr. Pituch, Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs. “Money raised at the event go to provide scholarship for students to be able to attend Prep.”

These scholarships help students who may have not been able to go to Prep otherwise, have the opportunity to go to Prep.

“I am very grateful to all donors who participated in this event,” senior Vincent Padalino said. “These donations help our school to function daily and help classmates be able to attend the school.”

Not only is the event a fundraiser with things such as vacations, power tools, and personal parking spaces being auctioned off, but it is also a celebration of alumni and donors.

“The event features the induction of individuals, typically alums, into the Presidents’ Hall of Fame,” Mr. Pituch said. “This year was particularly special with the induction of Coach Mischler, who has been particularly dedicated to the school as a football coach as well as numerous administrative roles over the course of his career.  Also, I count him as a dear friend, so it really made my night!”

This year, senior students were tasked with helping out with the event. Jobs students were asked to help with were coat check, picking up placards, greeting guests, and anything else in order to make the night as enjoyable as possible for all.

“I was very grateful to be asked to help with this event,” senior Helen Ann McCormick said. “It meant a lot to me and my family to be able to represent Cathedral Prep. I also, was able to have an enjoyable time with the other student helpers and hopefully helped create a great environment for all.”

Another fun event that took place during the night was The Singing Saints playing some beautiful music for all in attendance.

“Being able to include Mother Theresa Academy in such an important way was such an integral part of the event,” said senior Camariyon Bridges. “Their singing was also very good, especially for grade school students.”

After all the events necessary took place the night was opened up to fun for all. A live band played music and many of the people in attendance danced until the night was over.

Overall, The Legacy Gala honored alumni, made money for the school, and helped show students accomplishments with the resources received from donors.

“This year’s Legacy Gala was well attended with a wide variety of constituents in attendance,” Mr.Pituch said. “It would be hard to believe if anyone had a less than great time.”