Prep continues ‘Pies and Picasso’ tradition


Olivia Buckel, Senior Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, Apr. 21, Cathedral Prep’s NAHS club held their annual Pies and Picasso fundraiser. At this fundraiser, guests created a painting with the help of NAHS members and feasted on various delicious pies. This event helped NAHS to collect money to fund their yearly activities, such as participating in Festival of the Trees, their yearly show, and adding more events to the school year.

The cost of entry was $25 a person to cover the supply of tools and materials necessary, and according to NAHS club advisor Miss Schalk, Pies and Picasso was very successful this year.

“The attendees seemed to enjoy the pies we had to offer,” Miss Schalk said. “They engaged with our demonstrators and each other splendidly.”

While Pies and Picasso has been going on for several years, Miss. Schalk is still grateful that the tradition carries on, and she is hopeful for the future work of NAHS.

“My hope for the future of NAHS is to continue to work in our school and our community with our artwork,” Miss. Schalk said. “NAHS as a whole holds the same standards as our NHS, but with more of an implementation of art. Art can bring so much to our schools and our community and that is our mission for NAHS. To keep these extracurricular arts within our school, we must continue to advocate and hold events such as Pies and Picasso to both show and promote what we do.”

Sophomore Kayla Bogdanski had the job of a demonstrator, which means it was her responsibility to show the painters good techniques to use to get their paintings to look how they wanted. She demonstrated adding textures, details, and values. She helped the participants go step by step in sections to guide everyone, and helped anyone who needed advice on their painting.

“We had a great turnout, and I really enjoyed helping people and seeing how everyone’s paintings differed,” Kayla said. “We had a lot of people add unique characteristics to their paintings that made the event really fun and personalized for each person.”

Both Kayla and Miss. Schalk look forward to the future of Pies and Picasso and NAHS as a whole.