Artist Profile: Austin Glance


Hayden Hutchinson, Managing Editor

If you have walked through the third floor hallways at Cathedral Prep, you have probably seen some artwork in the hallways. Some drawings and paintings have different levels of skill shown as there are both beginner and advanced paintings on display. Some of these fantastic paintings featured were created by senior Austin Glance.

Austin got into art from a young age and has continued working on it ever since.

“When I was a kid and was bored I would start to doodle on papers or notes I was working on,” Austin said. “I then figured out I was pretty good at doodling, which sparked interest in working on different forms of art. In grade school,  art class was one of my escapes from the day, as I enjoyed it so much.”

While Austin has worked on all different forms of art from pencil drawings to watercolors, he has a favorite.

“My favorite form of art is oil paintings at this point in time,” Austin said. “It switches quite frequently though, and I mostly enjoy all types of art.”

Every artist has a work that means something or is their favorite, and Austin is no different.

“My favorite work at this point is this chalk picture of a rabbit I drew,” Austin said. “It took me a lot of time and effort, but when the result came out, I was very proud of myself and what I have accomplished.”

In order to get to this point Austin needed people, including teachers, to help him grow in his understanding.

“While I may not have one specific teacher that I credit with specifically improving me, I am thankful for all the teachers who have helped me along the way,” Austin said. “I would not be able to create artwork the way I can now without them.

While he has been passionate about art in high school, he does not know what the future holds.

“I am planning to major in some type of engineering at the University of Pittsburgh so that may limit how much art I am capable of creating,” Austin said. “I, however, would like to continue to use my talents in the future. Maybe when I get bored again.”

Overall, Austin has contributed to the profile of Cathedral Prep’s art department but also the school in general. Many people have different talents and as stated with the last art profile the new building and merger have created a new environment in which those with creative talents can thrive. Students like Austin can show what can be done with the right amount of work, resources, and important people helping to improve a student’s experience. Evidence of this can also be found in compliments of Austin’s artistic ability.

“Austin has really developed his artistic process this year,” art teacher Mr. Vicary said. “He’s been working on a series of large scale paintings in a variety of media. His work has shown tremendous improvement and is starting to reflect a distinct and very personal style.”